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Are you trying to raise kids who care about, and participate in, the world around them?

You’re in the right place!!

I’m Sarah, and I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m an award-winning StoryKeeper writing fictional tales about activist topics for children ages 4-9.

Each beautifully illustrated book (aka ambassador) has a unique hero and a lesson.

Many also include resources for additional information.

I’m also a huge plushie-lover and a cat mom.

Discover My Books

Each one is beautifully illustrated and helps change the world one book and one reader at a time.

Topics include:

  • Animal rights/Veganism
  • Companion Animals
  • Wildlife
  • Environment/Sustainability
  • Friendship
  • Diversity

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Each one is carefully crafted to help you deepen your connection with your child while empowering them in the midst of challenges.

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